Announcing DBuzzer General Directory - Blog ~

Welcome to DBuzzer General Directory - Blog. We’ve set up this weblog as a medium of direct communication for the readers so that you can have updates about what is going on in our General Web Directory. Today, we’ve managed upto launch this blog just to get an insight of what the project is going to be about. So far the project is new but being dealt with seriously, we’ve invested in a Custom Coded Theme for the Directory to stick to the “Unique Look” trend, beside that although the directory is set for a go atleast but despite that fact we are slowly and gradually updating and reviving the Category structure of the Directory. The site had a little over 700 categories before it was considered for a mega project but now has over 78o categories (still under process of adding more and deleting useless categories) and we’re done with only 4 major Categories and there sub-categories, besides that a unique description is planned to be added to every single category within the directory to avoid duplication in Google.

These were just a few glimpses of what we are upto at the moment, but the main purpose of the Directory is not like yet another General Directory that passes Google PR but to serve as a great medium to provide targeted traffic to our listings that helps them gain the maximum exposure, yes we are planning to emphasis more on exposure than on just another PR passing web directory. On the other hand, the directory after being completely ready and set to go the promotion campaign will start and we hope to obtain the maximum natural-organic backlinks rather than become a Link Buying Machine since that is being taken care of by Google harshly and strictly these days.

Thanks and we hope DBuzzer General Directory becomes a great resource in the future after launch.

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